Processed cheese machines

Product group description processed cheese machines 

Machines for the processing of cheese into cheese spread by melting (heating) and all of the processes prior to and after it.

The process

Finished cheese (Cheddar, Gouda, fresh cheese) is ground, mixed with other ingredients such as (melt) salts, butter or other (vegetable) fats and flavourings such as herbs for example. The cheese is then melted, heated to 90°C (pasteurisation) or 140°C (sterilisation) and hot-packed. With sterilisation, the cheese can be stored outside the cool chain.

Many of the processed cheese machines can also be used in other processes, such as the production of meat, sauces, pet food or cheese analogues.

Range description

  • Wolves, cheese mills (grinders)
  • Mixers (ribbon mixer and paddle mixer)
  • Universal batch cookers for cutting, heating with steam injection or on the wall
  • Continuous cookers pasteurisation and UHT sterilisation
  • Packing machines hot fill in aluminium foil, triangles or other shapes

Main processed cheese machine manufacturers

  • Stephan (now Sympack)
  • Karls Schnell (KS)
  • Corazza (now IMA Dairy & Food)
  • Rex Dücker
  • Kramer & Grebe
  • Gold peg Natec
  • Greenbay
  • Kustner, Sapal (now Bosch)
  • Vögele
  • Benhil (now IMA Dairy & Food)
  • Alexander werke (wolf)
  • Laska
  • Wiener
  • Kilia
  • Wolfking
  • Seydelmann
  • Kilia

Main processed cheese machine manufacturers

Assembly of a complete line. Modernisation of units with fully automatic control system (PC): recipe control with flow transmitter for the addition of water, timers and frequency regulators on agitators etc. Completely new inline smelters and sterilisers. Technological support and advice on production.

Models we specialise in

Process machines up to 90°C:
Stephan UMM/SK models
Stephan TC/SK models

Process machines up to 140°C:
Lekkerkerker UHT models

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