Aseptic / UHT / ESL

Product group description aseptic / UHT / ESL

Machines to sterilise products and pack them in sterile condition. 

We mainly have used UHT milk machinery available. UHT means Ultra-High Temperature or Ultra-Heat Treatment. UHT milk can be stored outside the cooling and has a shelf life of 6-9 months before opening the package. The pre owned UHT Milk machines are mainly processing equipment and Aseptic filling and packaging machines as mentioned below.

The used UHT processing and Aseptic filling equipment we can sell in reconditioned condition or in ‘as is’ condition. We completely rebuild the used UHT milk equipment in our own workshop, with more than 50 engineers. We give the UHT milk equipment a second life. But not only the processing equipment we can supply, also packaging equipment for UHT milk. Mainly Tetra Pak, GEA and APV machines are in our range of supply. We do this with quality, service and warranty. This is a win-win situation, because the investment is low and it is good for the environment. Moreover, our fast delivery time is a big advantage for you. 

Process aseptic

Aseptic means that something is sterile, has been packed in sterile condition and can be stored outside of the cool chain. Depending on the product and its acidity (pH), it has a temperature profile. For milk that is between 135 and 150°C for sterilisation and 26°C for packing.

Range description aseptic / UHT / ESL

  • Tube UHT (ultra high temperature) where the heat exchanger is a tube within a tube. Its benefit compared to plates is often the pressure and service life.
  • Plate UHT where the heat exchanger is a plate appliance
  • Aseptic packing machines; machines which fill in sterile condition, thus without contamination. The packaging is debacterialised prior to filling with the sterile product.

Main manufacturers of UHTs and aseptic machine

  • Tetra, Tetra Pak
  • Gea
  • Finnah
  • Elpo
  • Astepo
  • Van Meurs (Terlet)

Options in addition to normal refurbishment

UHT processing line can be integrated with homogeniser upflow or in downward flow (aseptic). Addition of deaerator. The UHT packing / Aseptic filling the packaging machine the cap can be modified. The conveyor belts (layout and length) and box packers can be modified.

Models in which we specialize

UHT processing

Alfa Laval Steritube
Tetra Therm Aseptic

Aseptisch Abfüllen
Aseptic filling

Tetra Pak TBA

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