Butter / Margarine packing

Product group description butter packaging machines and margarine packaging machines

Automatic packing machines for pasty products such as butter, margarine, spreads, fats, pastes, etc.


Product is wrapped in film or parchment paper. The wrapping method is illustrated below.
For the filling of butter in a pot or cup please see our range of filling/packing machines.

Range description dosing and wrapping machines

Shrink wrapping machines and accessories. Mini (7 grams per pack) to bulk (25 kilos per pack).

Main dosing and wrapping machine manufacturers

  • Benhil, SIG Ecopack, Hassia and Corazza (all now part of IMA Dairy & Food)
  • Kustner
  • Trepko
  • Vezzadini
  • APV model: FMG
  • Bock & Sohn
  • Schäfer & Flottmann
  • Gerstenberg

Options in addition to normal refurbishment

Modernisation of the machine up to current safety and hygiene standards. Addition of date with coding equipment with a hot foil printer or inkjet printer. Addition of paper centre unit (this can determine the position of the film using photocell detection with pre-printed film). Extension with an extra format set for different formats. Extension with semi-automatic cardboard filler. Addition of automatic lubrication system. Options such as rest tube, compensator (CIP-cleaning; Cleaning in place), valves, filter for margarine. Addition of a linear potentiometer on the compensator to control the frequency converter of the feed pump (4-20 mA signal outgoing), if working with butter and a direct connection. Construction of machine on a stainless steel frame. Addition of photo cell on the conveyor belt for traffic reporting and communication with the packing system. 

Our standard machines for wrapping which we usually have available and are always looking for:

 7-25 gram mini portion machines

Benhil Multipack 8304 – 6,600 packs/hour

Corazza FB220 or FB230 – 15,000 packs/hour

Benhil Multipack 8358– 21,000 packs/hour

 50-250 gram

Benhil Junior 8311 – 2,400 packs/hour

Benhil Multipack 8340– 4,200 packs/hour

Benhil Multipack 8380 – 4,800 packs/hour

Benhil Multipack 8362 – 13,200 packs/hour

SIG FD165 / Ecopack FD165 – 9,900 packs/hour

 50-500 gram

Benhil Multipack 8345 – 4,800 packs/hour

SIG F100 / Ecopack F100 – 6,000 packs/hour

SIG FD140 / Ecopack FD140 – 8,400 packs/hour

For more information click on above models. 


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