Product group description tanks

Tanks can be used for storage or for the processing of various products. We have a wide range online and also know where many tanks are available for sale.

The process

Tanks can be single-walled or double-walled, with or without insulation material, with or without a heating element, pressured or unpressured, aseptic or not. Each process requires its own tank. The diversity is huge, as is our current stock.

Range description tanks

  • Process tanks
    Vertical tanks with a double wall which cane cooled and/or heated using steam or water and an agitator. The product can be handled in the tank.
  • Mixing tanks
    Tanks in which various liquids or a liquid and a powder can be mixed, using an agitator.
  • Storage tanks
    Tanks for the storage of liquids.
  • Pressure and vacuum tanks
    Tanks in which the product area can be at underpressure or overpressure.
  • Deaerators
    Tanks which are required to remove gas bubbles from product. Used in combination with Pasteurisation units.
  • Transport tanks and containers.
  • Separate agitaters of tanks.
  • CIP-tanks
    Tanks for a CIP-unit (Cleaning-In-Place), for cleaning of installations. These are to be found in the CIP unit range.
  • Aseptic tanks
    Tanks for aseptic filling are to be found in the Aseptic/UHT/ESL range.

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