Powder processing / packing

Product group description powder processor

Liquid substances can be powdered. Before a powder can be created, the product must be thickened using an evaporator. These are large installations which we do not always have on stock, but we do know where they are available still in factories. A liquid product can also be reconstituted from powder for which powder dissolves are required

The process of powder processing

Evaporators (thickening installations) are required to convert liquid to powder. The product passes through narrow tubes and is thickened using high temperatures. This thickened emulsion then goes to a powder tower to be turned into powder. Covered bed dryers and other equipment ensure that the powder can be packed.

Range description powder processors

  • Evaporators
  • Powder dispensing and packing
  • Powder dissolvers

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Main manufacturers evaporators and powder dissolvers

  • Niro
  • Wiegand
  • Scheffers
  • Stork
  • APV
  • MKT

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