We buy your machine

We buy your machines

Do you have used machines for sale? Machines that will soon be decommissioned? If so, please contact us for a good price for your machine. This can be done in three ways, see the options below. We can buy the machine directly from you and you will immediately receive your money, or we can offer your machine to our huge network and you will receive your money once it is sold, until that time the machine will remain your property. In addition, we are able to auction the machine / complete line / factory. In that case, you will also receive your money after the sale. Using our own disassembly team and resources, we will quickly remove the machines from your factory!


Option 1:

Send an e-mail to our purchase department.

We would like you to include the following: 

  • Brand, type and year of construction of the machine.
  • Photographs of the machine.
  • Condition: already removed from the factory or still in use until (date).
  • Your contact data.

Option 2

Fill in and sell your machine

We will call you as soon as possible after completing the form below!