Pasteurising, sterilising, cooling and heating

Product group description pasteurising, sterilising, cooling and heating

Machines to heat and/or cool a product in line using a throughput heat exchanger.

The process of pasteurisation and sterilisation

Heating and cooling products depends upon the temperature course, referred to as cooling, heating, pasteurisation or sterilisation. This can be done with various types of heat exchangers.

For steam/water or other processes without food-related products, non-sanitary.

  • Non-sanitary plate heat exchangers
  • Non-sanitary tube heat exchangers


  • Time heaters (tubes which are used to keep the liquid hot for a specific time which are placed in line with the heat exchanger)

Main manufacturers pasteurising and sterilising units

  • Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak
  • APV (now SPX)
  • Gea Ahlborn Varitherm
  • Schmidt
  • Finnah
  • Fryma
  • Gerstenberg / Schröder
  • Cherry burell / Votator

Our range pasteurising and sterilising units consists of the following categories

  • Plate heat exchangers 
  • Plate heat exchangers not sanitary
  • Tubular heat exchangers
  • Tubular heat exchangers not sanitary
  • Scrape heat exchangers
  • Holding tubes

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Options in addition to normal refurbishment

Conversion to greater or less heated surface due to the removal or addition of tubes or plates. Overpressure system prevents unpasteurised product from contaminating pasteurised product even with leaking plates (complies with EU regulations). Reverse flow CIP (reversed flow during cleaning). Integration with other machines such as separator/standardiser/cream pasteuriser/homogeniser/de-aerators/ultrafiltration machine.

Assembly of complete pasteurisation or sterilisation units consisting of: 
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Balance tank with automatic level control
  • Feed pump suitable for product demand
  • Mechanical flow meter or flow transmitters
  • Plate, tube or scraped surface heat exchanger
  • Holding/heat holder in any length or time
  • Hot water preparation from steam or electric heating elements and control system
  • Safety transport valve which prevents unpasteurised product flowing out of the pasteuriser (flow diversion valve)
  • The entire installation is mounted on a stainless steel frame, including mounting of the tubes, valves and cables within the frame
  • The advantage of frame mounting: Testing already complete, no installation costs, just position the machine and begin.
New control with the following options:
  1. Simple manual
  2. Water automatically driven through product and vice versa
  3. Run sterilisation, stabilisation, start, production, stop and cleaning phases automatically
  4. Dispense lye and acid automatically, check and record
  5. Recording of temperatures and pressures
  6. Standard control with Siemens PC and touchscreen control panel but operation in a SCADA-system is possible
  7. Signal exchange with CIP, reception and source tanks
  8. Valves with valve position feedback (ThinkTop)


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