Product group description separators

Separators are used to separate liquids by weight using centrifugal force.

Process separation

An electric motor drives a rotating bowl with plates attached. The motor power, speed of the bowl and the surface of the plates determine the capacity of the machine.

Range description separators

  • Cream separators: machines which separate the fat from the rest of the product - for example for milk and whey.
  • Accessories such as standardisation units.
  • Other separators such as cleaners, bactofuges (debacterialisers), curd separators (also used for Greek yoghurt), decanters and accessories for separators such as taps.

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Main separator manufacturers

  • Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak
  • GEA Westfalia
  • Seital (now SPX)
  • Reda
  • Frau (Andriz)
  • Flottweg

Normal refurbishment consists of

Full refurbishment including the re-bushing of the bearing holders, pinning and balancing of the bowls. Machine complete with: Footplate; Set of tools; Return pressure valve; Control valve; Flow indicator for cream (only for cream separators); Manometer on output; Bypass valves; Hydrophore for constant water pressure; Water filter; Pressure control; New manoeuvring water valves; new control with PC and touchscreen control panel (Siemens); Test run in our workshop and issue of test certificate showing settings and vibration levels; Exchange of the stator on the electric motor.

Options in addition to normal refurbishment

Conversion of link to direct drive and frequency regulator. Conversion of manoeuvring water valves to an OWM (Operating Water Module). Flow and pressure transmitters on input and output. Options such as: Set of spare parts; Remix valve; Standardisation unit; Lever to raise the bowl from the separator; Feed and discharge pumps; Addition of a PTC (Positive Temperature Control) during motor replacement to protect the motor from over-temperature.

Models in which we specialize

Milk skimmers:

Alfa Laval MRPX models
Alfa Laval HMRPX models
Tetra Centri H models
GEA Westfalia MSA / MSB / MSD / MSE models

Bacterial removal separators / Bactofuges:

Alfa Laval BBRPX / Alfa Laval BMRPX models
Tetra Centri BB / Tetra Centri BM models
GEA Westfalia CNB / CND / CNE models

Quark separators:

GEA Westfalia KDA / KDB models

Cream cheese separators:

GEA Westfalia KSA models

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