GEA Westfalia MSA / MSB / MSD / MSE

GEA Westfalia MSA / MSB / MSD / MSE

Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment specialises in the revision and trade of used dairy separators. The GEA Westfalia models are very common machines in our range. Our workshop is a fully equipped department for the revision of (cream) separators. 

Very common models for milk cream separation

GEA Westfalia MSA model (after 1970)
GEA Westfalia MSA50-01-076 -     5.000 ltr/h
GEA Westfalia MSA60-01-076 -     7.000 ltr/h
GEA Westfalia MSA90-01-076 -   10.000 ltr/h
GEA Westfalia MSA120-01-076 - 15.000 ltr/h
GEA Westfalia MSA130-01-076 - 15.000 ltr/h
GEA Westfalia MSA160-01-076 - 20.000 ltr/h
GEA Westfalia MSA170-01-0 76 - 20.000 ltr/h
GEA Westfalia MSA200-01-076 - 25.000 ltr/h

Brochure GEA Westfalia MSA model

GEA Westfalia MSB model (after 1980)
MSB50-01-076 -     5.000 ltr/h
MSB60-01-076 -     7.000 ltr/h
MSB90-01-076 -   10.000 ltr/h
MSB130-01-076 - 15.000 ltr/h
MSB160-01-076 - 20.000 ltr/h
MSB170-01-076 - 20.000 ltr/h
MSB200-01-076 - 25.000 ltr/h

Brochure GEA Westfalia MSB model

GEA Westfalia MSD model (after 1985)
MSD50-01-076 -     5.000 ltr/h
MSD60-01-076 -     7.000 ltr/h
MSD90-01-076 -   10.000 ltr/h
MSD130-01-076 - 15.000 ltr/h
MSD170-01-076 - 20.000 ltr/h
MSD200-01-076 - 25.000 ltr/h
MSD300-01-076 - 35.000 ltr/h

Brochure GEA Westfalia MSD model

GEA Westfalia MSE model (after 2000)
MSE180-01-777 -  25.000 ltr/h
MSE230-01-777  - 30.000 ltr/h
MSE300-01-777  - 35.000 ltr/h
MSE350-01-777  - 40.000 ltr/h
MSE500-01-777  - 50.000 ltr/h

Brochure GEA Westfalia MSE model

We are often able to supply these models from stock, or else we will know a factory that has one of these for sale.

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GEA Westfalia Separators second life machines

We have GEA Westfalia Separators available in reconditioned condition or in ‘as is’ condition. The reconditioned Separators we provide are used machines which we rebuild in our own workshop with our experts. We give the Separators a second life. We do this with quality, service and warranty. This is a win-win situation, because the investment is low and it is good for the environment. Moreover, our fast delivery time is a big advantage for you.

Refurbished GEA Westfalia Separators

A refurbished GEA Westfalia Separator includes the re-bushing of the bearing holders, pinning and balancing of the bowls. It is a complete separator, including Footplate; Set of tools; Return pressure valve; Control valve; Flow indicator for cream (only for cream separators); Manometer on output; Bypass valves; Hydrophore for constant water pressure; Water filter; Pressure control; New manoeuvring water valves; new control with PC and touchscreen control panel (Siemens); Test run in our workshop and issue of test certificate showing settings and vibration levels; Exchange of the stator on the electric motor.

GEA Westfalia Separators for dairy industry

We are specialized in GEA Westfalia Separators which are used mostly in the dairy industry. For example Double Cream cheese separators, Quark separators, cream separators, milk separators, milk clarifiers, whey clarifiers, Bacteria removal separators (Bactofuges), milk skimmers and butter oil separators. The self-cleaning separators will provide a continuous process.

Types of used overhauled GEA Westfalia Separators

We have several types of used overhauled GEA Westfalia Separators available. Westfalia types MSA / MSB / MSD / MSE / MSI for milk skimmers and clarifiers. Westfalia types CNB / CND / CNE / CSE / CSI for bacteria removal. Westfalia types KDA / KDB / KDC / KDE quark nozzle separators. Westfalia types KSA / KSE for cream cheese and double cream cheese. Westfalia types RSA / RSC / RSE / RSI for butter oil separation.

Intrested in our machines?

Besides the GEA Westfalia Separators we are also specialized in Alfa Laval / Tetra Pak Separators. We supply these A-Brand machines in ‘as is’ condition: directly from dairy factory, or ‘rebuild’. For more than 25 years we buy and sell these separators. If you have used separators available, we are interested to buy them. If you are interested in a used Separator, or if you would like us to repair your used separator, you can contact us.