CIP units

Product group description CIP units

Units or part units used for the cleaning of items such as tanks, filling machines and piping systems. CIP = Cleaning in Place.

Range description CIP equipment

  • CIP equipment
  • CIP tanks 

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Process CIP units

By circulating water containing dissolved cleaning fluids. The concentration, temperature, flow (litres per hour) can be controlled.

Range description CIP units

A CIP installationusually consists of the following:

  • 1 to 5 tanks for water and water containing cleaning fluid including the required sensors
  • Stainless steel frame supporting: the entire system for small units up to 1,000 litres per tank or only the pumps, heat exchanger and some of the valves, and possibly the control system. The tanks are then situated separately to the frame.
  • Centrifugal pressure pump(s) CIP 1 to 10 outgoing lines. 3 to 15 kW.
  • Heat exchanger to heat the liquid.
  • Valves on input and output of tanks.
  • Control system
  • The entire installation is mounted on a stainless steel frame, including mounting of the tubes, valves and cables within the frame

Options in addition to normal refurbishment

Automatic phase separation consisting of:
- The temperature, conductivity and temperature transmitter in the return piping.
- Pneumatic valves.
- PC control and touchscreen operating panel. Programmable up to 25 different recipes. The temperature and times can be programmed into a recipe. The machine automatically completes the recipe programmed.

Individual tank for recovered water, water saving by making use of post-rinsing water as pre-rinsing water. Separate tank for lye and acid. Disinfectant tank for hot sterilisation. Disinfection of injection pump for cold sterilisation.

Automatic concentration check of the detergents in the tanks consisting of: Dispensing pump and flow meter or counter. Control of required conductivity per product can be configured. 2 to 8 outgoing lines to clean various points simultaneously. Including pump, pipes, operation and valves. Frequency regulator on the pump and flow meter in outgoing line to enable configuration of CIP flow per recipe. Conductivity meter on the CIP and piping to check conductivity and temperature on the outgoing pipe and to record it if necessary. Satellite control panel (by Ethernet or Profibus) or OP by SCADA system connected to main PC. Possible to start CIP from locations other than the CIP installation itself. Self-suction CIP return pumps including control of CIP installation. Feedback on valve position in the valves in the valve using a sensor or ThinkTop on the valves. Signal exchange with the appliance to be cleaned

The Specialism of Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment

From experience of assembling more than fifty CIP installations, Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment has developed a flexible, refined and efficient software programme. Each unit can be adapted to your requirements.

In a request you can state:
  1. Required pressure and flow of the appliance to be cleaned, for example 15,000 litres per hour at 2 bar.
  2. System contents of the appliances to be cleaned or volume of CIP fluid "en route".
  3. CIP return pump present or cleaning fluid can return to the tank due to gravity.
  4. Heating medium - is usually steam at - 3 bar.

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