Used machines

Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment specialises in used machines. A-brands, the lifecycle of which is extended by re-use. The Return On Investment (ROI) is many times higher than it is for new machinery. We offer 3 options in terms of used machines:

  • Complete refurbishment
  • An inspection check, or ‘good running’
  • In the condition in which they left the factory, or ‘as is’

Refurbished machines

For more than 20 years now, Lekkerkerker has specialised in the complete refurbishment of used machines. You may be wondering why used machines? It's simple. We extend the life cycle of machines to avoid waste. The brands we stock are proven A-brands which have proved themselves over decades. The strong, high quality way in which these machines are built enable us to give them a second lease of life. These often mechanical machines are easy to maintain and following a thorough overhaul they can easily continue to manufacture for another 10 years or more. In addition, the investment required on the part of our customers is many times less than for a new machine and the payback time (ROI) is shorter.

Our standard procedure when completely refurbishing a machine is:

  • Strip down to the frame: blasting and spraying of steel components
  • All component wear: replacement of bearings, bushes and gaskets
  • Replacement of damaged or worn components
  • New cabling and control systems (latest updates)
  • 6 month guarantee
  • Guaranteed spare parts supply for 5 years
  • Option: supervision of commissioning and operator training
  • >Option: CE marking
  • >Option: custom modifications


Control check (Good running)

A cheaper solution than complete refurbishment is the control check. The machine is complete and is tested in our workshop. The accessible wear components such as rubbers and gaskets are replaced if necessary. Bearings and bushes are only replaced if necessary. The existing control system is re-used and the documentation is present. This can be tailored to requirement by consultation.  

This price is always subject to conditions, as on occasion it becomes evident during the work on the machine that there is an expensive faults. If this is the case, the buyer receives a quotation for the additional costs and is also given the option to cancel the purchase.


‘As is’ condition (as it is)

Machines are almost always sold ex-factory and can be deployed in the same condition. That's why we also supply machines which are in the condition in which we bought them. However, the machine has not been inspected by us and there is no guarantee of its current condition. We always recommend that a machine is inspected prior to purchase and only to buy ‘as is’ if you have a thorough knowledge of machines. We can always tell you whether we purchased the machine in operating condition or whether it had already been decommissioned. Documentation is not always included and can only be supplied if it was present at the time of purchase.


A guide to our guarantee terms & conditions:
  • We only provide a guarantee on refurbished machines. The claimed defective components are supplied and charged. Once the old, defective component has been returned to us, it is inspected by Lekkerkerker or by the original manufacturer in the case of electrical parts. If it is covered by the guarantee, your account will be credited.
  • Wear components, such as gaskets, rubbers, bulbs and blades, are not covered by the guarantee.
  • The guarantee is invalidated in the event of: lack of maintenance and/or poor or inadequate maintenance,  the incorrect and/or unprofessional use of the machine,  and if any modification is made to the machine without the consent of the supplier.

 Please refer to our Supply Terms & Conditions for our full guarantee terms & conditions.

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