Complete projects

Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment also specialises in complete projects. From the moment the cow is milked through to the finished product in the supermarket. We can supply these complete projects from A to Z, including buildings engineering, transport of the machines, installation, commissioning and training.

We have developed complete projects in the fields of: 

  • Milk processing and packaging lines (Fresh, ESL, UHT)
  • Cheese processing and packaging lines
  • Yoghurt/butter/curd processing and packaging lines
  • Processed cheese and cream cheese processing and packaging lines
  • Margarine processing and packaging lines
  • Cream/ice cream processing line

Our company can assist you in the design of the buildings, engineering (flowcharts and upper views of the machines), full documentation, transport of the machines, installation and commissioning in the factory. We can also provide training for the production operators.


Summary of recent projects

Milk plants

Pakistan - Milk processing plant 400,000 litres per day UHT milk and ghee
Bulgaria - Milk processing plant fresh drinking milk/yoghurt
Kazakhstan - Milk processing plant drinking milk/yoghurt/tvorog (fresh cheese)
Russia - Milk production plant drinking milk/yoghurt/tvorog 375,000 litres per day.
Australia - Milk and cream production line 12,000 litres per hour

Cheese plants

Ukraine - Cheese plant; 400,000 litres milk per day
Russia - Cheese plant; 75,000 litres milk per day
Azerbaijan - Cheese plant; 15,000 litres milk per day
Peru - Cheese plant; 30,000 litres milk per day
Netherlands - Cheese plant; 6,000 litres milk per day
Russia - Cheese plant; 250,000 litres milk per day

Yoghurt/curd/Lebany plant

Pakistan - Yoghurt line
Russia - Lebany production line
Australia - Curd production line
England - Yoghurt line 4,800 pots per hour
Netherlands - Yoghurt line 5,400 pots per hour
Sweden - Curd production line 2,500 kg per hour
Greece - Yoghurt line – 5,000 litres per hour
Belgium - Curd production line 6,000 kg per hour

Butter/margarine/butter oil plant

Russia - Butter oil plant
Pakistan - Butter oil line 3,500 litres per hour
China - Margarine production line 3,500 kg per hour
England - Butter spread line 2,500 kg per hour
Australia - Butter production line 2,000 kg per hour

Processed/cream cheese plants

Jordan - Processed cheese line UHT 1,000 kg per hour
Peru - Processed cheese line UHT 500 kg per hour
Algeria - Processed cheese line pasteurisation 250 kg per hour
Croatia - Cream cheese line 250 kg per hour
Thailand - Processed cheese line UHT 1,200 kg per hour
Philippines - Processed cheese lines 5,500 kg per hour
Middle East - Cream cheese line 2,100 kg per hour

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