Dismantling of FrieslandCampina Rijkevoort production facility has started

Dismantling of FrieslandCampina Rijkevoort production facility has started

Recently we have dismantled a Tetra Pak pasteurization unit for milk and whey and a Veenbrink / Tetra Pak culture preparation department consisting out of  2 culture preparation tanks of 6.000 liter and 2 distribution tanks of 6.000 liter at FrieslandCampina Rijkevoort. This marked the start of the dismantling of one of our largest ever purchases: FrieslandCampina Rijkevoort’s complete cheese production plant for the production of 15kg EuroBlock Gouda cheeses. This plant has been deployed until September 2020 and is in excellent running condition. While deployed it processed 35.000 – 42.000 liter milk per hour.

The evaporator, storage tanks, valves, CIP unit, pasteurizer and culture preparation department have by now found a new owner. However,  other processing parts of the plant are still available for sale.

Among others:

  • 5x Fully automated SPX curd makers year 2009
  • 5x Tetra Pak Casomatic full automatic cheese mould fillers
  • 5x Cheese presses
  • Pasteurisers 42 -55T/ with Alfa Laval skimmers and bactofuges.
  • 2 Cream tanks 30T
  • Culture preparation set
  • 20 Storage tanks
  • Cheese line 5T/h (pressing and brining system, 5 cheese presses)
  • CIP unit with 6 outgoing lines.

More information can be provided on request.